IP4MaaS & RIDE2RAIL Stakeholders’ Workshop highlights essence of MaaS for sustainable mobility


What are some of the key initiatives in Europe on Mobility as a Service (MaaS)? What are current advancements in the field, and what are the recommendations when it comes to successfully implementing MaaS? These (and many more!) questions were addressed during the RIDE2RAIL & IP4MaaS Joint Stakeholders’ Workshop, which took place on 12 May 2022 in Karlsruhe.

Jointly organised by RIDE2RAIL and IP4MaaS – both projects under Europe’s Rail – the workshop aimed to discuss projects’ progresses and achievements, in particular how the solutions researched within EU’s Rail IP4 programme are planned to be tested during project demos. The event provided the perfect opportunity for different stakeholders (PTOs, experts, associations, policy makers) to exchange and discuss on how MaaS can contribute to a greener Europe, and how challenges can best be overcome.

The Workshop opened with insights on RIDE2RAIL and IP4MaaS by UITP (Guido Di Pasquale), after which IP4 Programme Manager Gorazd Marinic (Europe’s Rail) dived deeper into the IP4. After, Aurelien Cottet (Instant Systems) took to the stage to discuss various use cases and solutions of MaaS. The first part of the workshop concluded with Roberto Andreoli from Club Italia, who provided a presentation of MaaS guidelines.

The second part of the workshop kicked off with an overview of IP4 technologies and solutions, presented by Anna Perras from HaCon.

A final highlight of the day was the Round table with RIDE2RAIL and IP4MaaS demo leaders from across Europe: Annie Kortsari (Athens Demo Leader, CERTH), Suvi Vähä-Sipilä (Helsinki Demo Leader, Forum Virium Helsinki), Petra Juránková (Brno/Liberec Demo leader, OLTIS Group) and Ismini Stroumpou (Barcelona Demo Leader, Sparsity Technology).

The roundtable brought valuable exchange on project solutions and developments. During the discussions, a strong focus was on the importance of MaaS and intermodal integration for the future of the mobility and on customer-centricity. Finally, the key role of collaboration among actors to achieve the best possible service for users became clear once more.


UITP, Guido Di Pasquale, introduction IP4MaaS & RIDE2RAIL

Europe’s Rail, Gorazd Marinic, IP4 programme

Instant Systems, Aurelien Cottet

Club Italia, Roberto Andreoli

Overview of IP4 technologies and solutions, Anna Perras, HaCon

Demo Helsinki, Suvi Vähä-Sipilä, Forum Virium Helsinki

Demo Athens, Annie Kortsari, CERTH

Demo Barcelona, Ismini Stroumpou, Sparsity Technologies

Demo Brno/Liberec, Petra Juránková, OLTIS Group


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