December 2019 – April 2023

€3 million

UITP (International Association of Public Transport)

The RIDE2RAIL consortium consists of 17 partners from 10 countries, covering the whole urban mobility chain.


The RIDE2RAIL project is part of the Shift2Rail initiative. Shift2Rail is a Joint Undertaking (JU) funded by the European Commission (via the Horizon 2020 programme) and by main railway stakeholders. The initiative is aimed at enhancing research activities in the railway sector.

Shift2Rail is organised according to five Innovation Programmes (IPs), addressing the main railway challenges in specific areas. You can read more about these five IPs in Shift2Rail’s Annual Work Programme.

The RIDE2RAIL project falls under the fourth Innovation Programme (IP4) from Shift2Rail, which addresses the subject of IT Solutions for Attractive Railway Services. IP4 is organised around six Technology Demonstrators (TDs): Interoperability Framework (TD4.1), Travel Shopping (TD4.2), Booking & Ticketing (TD4.3), Trip-tracker (TD4.4), Travel Companion (TD4.5), and Business Analytics (TD4.6). All of these TDs focus on one element of providing a travel application that should enable seamless passenger experience. The TDs have clear and non-overlapping objectives.

RIDE2RAIL will provide inputs to the TDs Interoperability framework (TD4.1), Travel shopping (TD4.2), Booking & Ticketing (TD4.3), Trip Tracker (TD4.4), Travel Companion (TD4.5), and Business Analytics (TD4.6).

RIDE2RAIL is complementary to the ongoing IP4 projects CONNECTIVE, COHESIVE, and MaaSive. Together, these projects aim to tackle in the best possible way the challenges of the IP4 services ecosystem.


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