RIDE2RAIL presented at UITP RSR Committee in Cairo


On 14 March 2023, the RIDE2RAIL project was presented at the UITP RSR (Regional & Suburban Rail) Committee in Cairo, Egypt.

Rail operators work together in the UITP Regional & Suburban Railways Committee on issues related to the various development stages of this transport mode worldwide: planning, construction, operation and maintenance. Their work encompasses safety and security, quality and customer care, environment, funding and economy, technology, innovation, and the legal and regulatory environment. The Committee also identifies synergies together with UITP’s Light Rail and Metro bodies on topics such as automation and asset management.

Following this, the RSR Committee members were very interested to hear about the RIDE2RAIL project. Specifically, Project Coordinator Giuseppe Rizzi (UITP) touched upon the general scope of the project (objectives, partners, timeline), but moreover focussed on the demo sites and (expected) outcomes, includng:

  • Ride sharing situation, priorities for travellers and TSPs
  • Discussing the tools developed (offer categoriser, offer matcher and ranker, incentives provider, crowd based TSP, agreement ledger, driver companion)
  • Travel/driver companion overview and R2R process

The project was presented jointly with sister project IP4MaaS.


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