Ride2Rail launches new publications


We are happy to announce that Ride2Rail partners have over the last months developed various new publications on the topic of ride-sharing and multimodality.

The first publication, Towards Learning Travelers’ Preferences in a Context-Aware Fashion, was published for the International Symposium on Ambient Intelligence (ISAmI 2020). In this work, a methodology is introduced that is based on the so-called Context Dimension Tree— a model for representing the possible contexts in the very first stages of Application Design—as well as an appropriate conceptual architecture to build a recommender system for travelers.

Published in the framework of the 48th European Transport Conference 2020 (ETC 2020) was the paper Understanding Ride-Sharing Systems in Urban Areas: The Role of Location, Users and Barriers. The paper aims to provide a better understanding of ride-sharing systems through an extensive review of definitions, ride-sharing systems, legislation and user characteristics.

All publications, including accompanying presentations, can be found in the Ride2Rail Library.


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