RIDE2RAIL at Sem4Tra 2021


On 6 September, the RIDE2RAIL project was presented at the Third International Workshop on Semantics and the Web for Transport (Sem4Tra 2021), which was organised alongside the SEMANTiCS conference.

At the workshop, RIDE2RAIL partner Cefriel presented three papers describing the latest results of research work on semantics, interoperability and dataspaces in the transportation domain.

The paper “Towards a More Informed Multimodal Travel Shopping” describes the work done in RIDE2RAIL for the conceptualisation of offer categories to enhance the user experience in the multimodal travel shopping process, while the paper “Enabling Cross-Border Travel Offers Through National Access Point Federation via Metadata Harmonisation” describes a prototype to harmonise metadata from different NAPs (Belgium, Netherlands and France) enabling the cross-border scenario defined in the Shift2Rail SPRINT project.

Finally, the paper “Semantic Conversion of Transport Data Adopting Declarative Mappings: An Evaluation of Performance and Scalability” lays out the results of testing RML, SPARQL and Velocity templates with the Chimera framework to enhance data conversion within the IP4 Interoperability Framework in the SPRINT project.

All papers and presentations have been added to the RIDE2RAIL Library.


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