First RIDE2RAIL pilot: mission completed!


In Autumn 2021, RIDE2RAIL partners carried out a first pilot project, offering an autonomous shuttle service in Helsinki, Finland.

The pilot was led by project partners FV Helsinki and Metropolia and operated by Roboride, carried out in collaboration with the City of Helsinki. The service route complimented the existing public transport network and was completely free of charge for passengers.

So, what can we already conclude from the pilot? First, the pilot improved the accessibility of the Aurinkolahti area. Also, the bus drove at higher average speeds than in the previous pilots. Finally more than a thousand people hopped on the autonomous bus, so it is safe to say the pilot was a success!

You can watch a wrap-up of the pilot in the video below.

More RIDE2RAIL pilots are in the planning, so stay tuned!


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